Vaso curvado
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Hermoso vaso curvado!

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1) Download file 2) Generate gcode The 3D STL is a closed file. I used Skeinforge to slice my prints (third one printing now). The 3D model is quiet tall @200mm and may not fit your 3D printer. Rescale or chop the top part to fit your printer. Here's what I did generating gcode: - 3 bottom layers - No fill (obviously) - 1 extra shell (making 2 shells on wall) - Layer height 0,3 (to save print time) - Remove the top 3 layers by hand (after gcode was generated) 3) Choose a color. I personally like the semi-transparent materials for these objects. 4) Print the vase. It takes 2:30 up to 3:00 hours on my standard Ultimaker with SF settings as described above. The result is a pretty strong and good-looking vase! 5) Enjoy!





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